it was a hard row to tow when i was fourteen

my dad was mostly gone and when he hung around he was mostly an asshold. that’s someone trying berry berry hard to hang onto their ass. for those of you that don’t know.

so. having left me with all that.

i went out.  into the world. somewhere where chaos started to make sense.

you see, comma. if you travel then you know how small the people in your life really are. because for you, they never last. o they say they will, friends for life. friends forever. all of those strong words. those speeches of meaning and solace.

nobody ever asked me, how will you go on when i’m gone.

nobody ever said “would it be okay if you went on without me?”

i look left and i look right, but what i see is nothing weighed down by so much hope.

who can stop it now?

who could have ever stopped it




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