Love & Respect Meet the Liar & the Theif

One day while walking down The Street love and respect Bumped into the liar and the thief two pair of pairs eyeing each other bewildered Shifting feet filling the Street with awkward stares what we've become eyeing what we've done where we've been Sizing up where we're headed no words to exchange in the Surprise... Continue Reading →


888 The 512 Exponential —— (fire it up_____~~)

a Wednesday is all I know ------------------------- There were words I could not Say out loud words I whispered While We Were alone In the mess of your bed words I So desperately felt In my mouth While you were behind me your hand on my Shoulder we both Knew then why I drove to... Continue Reading →

The Rocks of Gibraltar

Desire makes with love Intention they crash on the Rock of Gibraltar Waiting patiently for the raft of Divine Intervention at the marriage of morning and night at the seeping of the deepening twilight brings the Inconvenience of Commitment Chained by words for what my heart meant the aimless attempt to let go holds on... Continue Reading →

Brilliant By Definition

Candle's light lays Sheer on veneer a spotlight through a window the thought I could become a widow Sadness like a needle the pain of fear Cheats the fear of pain rising notes playing flutes vacuuming the dust of flames mirrored from burnt out light bulbs in the observatory of the oratory boots standing their... Continue Reading →

The Poet Meets the Artist

I ran out into the night full of Church bells Dark with rain Streets full flowing onto Walkways flowers painted on the Side Walk growing in a foreign Language hard to understand easy to contemplate washing away ADS date unknown

The Poet

Cryptic rhymes Borrowed from Hollow, Echoing time roaming through tombs deep and empty where I once had a mind now a treacherous heart beats down every out i find building trembles renounce Strength that's Kind during this aimless funeral procession for my mind accidental faith lost Still searching for Signs Stuck in the Skin that... Continue Reading →


(There are a thousand answers at the door (waiting (for a question that will not be ignored answers blind The question lost fate Weaves on covering direction . indecision on the tip of my tongue vomiting life's work undone . where a motor needs a key the fertile soil needs a tree to write upon... Continue Reading →

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