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That pretty much sums it up, but I won’t leave you hangin with just that, dear reader.

I am only the boss of me and let me tell YOU! Lookin after this one is enough work, for this one. Bein the boss of someone else is of nooo interest to me whatever.

I live in New England.  I’m approaching the half way point of my life. I’m havin a birthday next month. I’m well educated and very well traveled in the US. I went to Canada one time. It was so beautiful but it was one of the worst trips of my entire life.  I’m pretty sure my ex-husband and the World Accordian Festival being in town had something to do with it. They had the worst storm in 15 years, our car broke down, and we couldn’t find anywhere to stay because?  You guessed it. The World Accordian Festival. Peace be with you Canada.

I like music and reading but I don’t listen to music or read very much anymore.

My husband wakes up every day singing me 80’s hair band songs. Or sometimes Journey.

I like STRONG coffee. I enjoy cooking. I live in the woods. I got my first world map the other day. ITS BIG. Put it right up on the wall. I’m petite & in case you didn’t know, good things and dyn – o – MITE come in small packages.

I write like a slowww southern hick. Or maybe a mountain woman. I dunno. Either way, I’m well educated and well traveled, like I said, in the US. I’m very proud of that. This country amazes me.  You travel a couple states away from you in any direction and you are in a completely different culture with different values, different accents, different cocktails, even. I never understood the value of family until I lived in South Carolina.

I have been through a lot of crap in my life. But, nobody gets past 40 without some serious crap coming their way. I have lots of funny stories. At this point I probly forgot more of them than I can remember. Never actually thought I would eVER say that.

I was a fancy schmancy executive once. I found myself sweeping a Dunkin Donuts parking lot for work not that long ago. I was also a mortgage broker once, so see there? pffft, I contributed to my own demise. SMH. I do remember cussing out Alan Greenspan to anyone who would listen though after I left the business. … For ethical reasons I’m proud to say. There was actually a loan, a HOME loan called The Hydra. Wasn’t long after that I called it quits.

Needless to say, it has been one wild ride so far. I’m a late adopter so this is my first blog. I own a couple domain names I always wanted to do something with but when I had the desire, the knowledge centers weren’t what they are now.

I looked very hard at the Flat Earth theory last year. IDK. I mean I’ve never personally been to space. I WILL say this, however; and pay attention. Do not let people, or things take you away from what you believe in. The Divide and Conquer mentality has never, ever been more fearsome than it is today. Not just in my country but around the world. Don’t let a difference of opinion or belief take you away from the people you love or drive a wedge into the relationships you have that MATTER. We are all human beings at the end of it, but at the end of it, we have to face ourselves in that mirror.

Peace and Love to all y’all.


~Dori 626


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