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Today is Feb 26, 2017. Its Sunday. Its coming up on 9pm my time. It’s cold out.  I live in New England and we have had one hell of a freakin winter.  Last week we got probly 3-4 feet of snow in 5 days.  It was warm this past week but its cold again now.

I have a birthday coming up in March here.  (Shout out to all my Pisces friends). I’m gettin old now.  This is the first birthday I haven’t been excited about since I turned 27. I had nightmares about turning 27 for as long as I can remember til I turned it.

I don’t correct spelling and grammar and punctuation normally. So don’t take it personally, dear reader. I’m lazy and that’s no fault of yours.

Currently, I’m studying trading on the Foreign Currency Exchange market/s.  So far it’s been pretty frustrating. The people who can help me want me to pay through the nose for the help and then take more of my money when I start makin it on my own. On a bright note, the reason I came over and restarted or remade my blog here was so I could my trade journals online.  …and now I remember why I abandoned my WP project the first time. What a pain in the ass it was to set. this. up. But I’m like Mos Def in 16 Blocks on this task. You can’t stop me.

I have been working on a novel now for about 4-5 years. The protagonist decided to sort of do his own thing in the book and I’m still not sure what to do with his character…


I hope your day is going awesome and whatever you’re doing today?







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