Love & Respect Meet the Liar & the Theif

One day while walking down
The Street love and respect
Bumped into
the liar and the thief
two pair of pairs
eyeing each other bewildered
Shifting feet filling the Street
with awkward stares
what we've become
eyeing what we've done 
where we've been
Sizing up
where we're headed
no words to exchange
in the Surprise

love and the liar
respect and the thief
moving round one another 
while flames from the sewers
began to rise in the streets
the city streets once cruel 
with daylight 
had somehow come to life alive
that similar moment when
sunset turns into twilight
and then the day, it dies
to empty out the noontime moon's
reflection instead of lies
protections by respect
the difference between stealing time
and loving life

it is hard to understand the dance of these four
watching from the the ceiling of the liar
or from the floor of the thief
they don't need the help of pride 
they are a perfect team alone
But love and respect depend upon 
humility to make each other
their own whole
to show up as one
So there are two 
there are really three 
and when there are two
one is all you can see
love and respect have more friends
they need more help
they wait on truth
the liar and the thief 
know only youth
and rumors of truth
a collection of light
faced with the black holes
of the five and thirteen year old
a struggle that started
in a bottle of gin
the stench in the street
of the wreckage
made us all wonder
if they would win 
and then truth showed up 
talking through the drunk
of gin
pointing out the aftermath
again and again and again
then light peeked in it's curious way
what have we here
what you see is what you get
truth said it's a mess
it's debris
but love and respect are coming
Thank god you're here
now at least I can finally see
So they began the task of Clearing a path
But my God
26 years of wreckage moving Sounded like thunder
While the liar and the theif
Sat laughing in the heap
instead of wreckage
they called it plunder
and mostly it stayed dark
the light only coming in flashes
right before the thunder
of the clean up crew truth
smoking cigarettes on the heap
switching to whisky from gin
never noticing an end
never guessing they could pay now
or pay later
because mister time
is nobody's friend
and all are in debt to him
from the beginning of the beginning
to the end of the end
those flashes of light started lasting 
Sometimes they lasted through
the whole night
and when the thunder got too loud
they would Scurry to a corner
of the city still in a shroud 
Somewhere where pride could be proud
where youth could be young
the liar told lies
and the thief stole stuff
They started running out of dark
it was like noon time drinking
they could never find a place to park
So now they were shadows on the run
hiding in shadows
even at night
Searched for watched by
the full moon's light
truth and light started calling
old friends
when it looked like they
could sight the end
the moon's noon brought reflection
while the liar and he thief 
took up a suicide collection
truth started piling on
the weight of the world
furiously charging humility
to jack up his floor
so it could the bending knee
Desire will and action
showed up first
Carrying life on their backs
while the stealing lies
shopped for a comfortable hearse
I was turning into quite an affair
truth intolerant as usual
insisting the dust get out of the air
and who came next
regret showed up and was 
courteously reminded
that he wasn't invited
the divine showed up to calm
everybody down
and to get things going
he was in such a hurry
he forgot to grab his crown
forgiveness showed up toward
the end...

reality showed up in the middle
truth was so glad to see him
knowing just popped in and out
and in and out like knowing does
fear was chased out
Imagination and Idea came but
couldn't hook up with that busy
busy action, The Producer of Fame
jesus came and went
a time or two
donating blood
when the demons stormed through
mourning and sadness
could would not be kept away 
of course they brought grief
. . .
so much in the city had changed
. . .
Hope was a dazzle to behold
But there are rumors of the liar
hiding in her dress, in the folds
Unfortunately discernment 
Still hasn't showed
But that's okay
because Time has taken a
Special Interest in this project
And is running things a little
faster than usual.

16 jun 2005 - 17 jun 2005 thurs/fri



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